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quotes and phrases.

I started this long time ago in facebook.. I'm not going back to making icons again, but at least that's something.. right? I hope you like them :))

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damn, I miss the old days..

It's been a while.. 2 years actually. How many of you are still using livejournal and watching "ugly business"? And how many of you wants me to come back and start making graphics again? Just wondering.

Leave something, a comment maybe, just to know I still have supportive and alive :D people in here.
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EDIT: okay, even THO my community it's members only, i've decided to open my newest entries for a few days. however, if you want to see the rest of my work - a.k.a the old entries - you simple have to join the community. if you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask.

I. comments are appreciated - if you like or take something. plus, that's a good way to know what you like and give you more of it. right?
II. credit is a must and that's how I prefer: < lj user = " elktr " > at < lj user = " ugly_business " >
III. no hotlinking, no altering or claiming any of my work as yours. it's wrong and you know it.
IV. my graphics are livejournal-only. if you want to take them out you will need my permission and i will give you one if you ask nicely in the entry.
V. about the how nominations-thing. well, nominations are always welcome - just let me know if you nominate me.